Elections 2015

The new committee was elected on 8th March. Congratulations to the new committee members:

President: Marton Price
Secretary: Zoltán Szenczi
Treasurer: Péter Juhász
Events&Publicity Officer: Emese Thamó & Ágnes Szuda
Access Officer: Attila Szabó

Annual General Meeting 2015

This year’s Elections will take place during the Annual General Meeting. For info about the meeting click here or visit the facebook event

Manifestos 2015

Please find the nominees for the next academic years, and their manifestos below.


Márton P. Price
Proposed by: Bence Börcsök. Seconded by: Bence Bánhalmi.


Zsófia Sophansay
Proposed by: Márton P. Price.

Zoltán Szenczi
Proposed by: Bence Börcsök.

Junior Treasurer

Péter Juhász
Proposed by: Márton P. Price. Seconded by: Bence Börcsök.


Attila Szabó
Proposed by: György Bencskó. Seconded by: Márton P. Price.


Ágnes Szuda together with Emese Thamó
Proposed by: Anna Kalmár. Seconded by: Márton P. Price.

Manifestos 2014

The Cambridge University Hungarian Society holds its Annual General Meeting and the elections of next years committee positions on Sunday 9th March in the Boys Smith Room, Fisher Building of St. John’s College (Note the change in venue!). Join our Facebook evenet here.

The list of people running for positions and their manifestos are found below. We are still looking for applications for External Officer and General Member.


Bence Börcsök with Bence Bánhalmi as Vice-President
Nominated by Márton Mester and Gerald Mako


Anna Kalmár
Nominated by Bence Bánhalmi

György Bencskó
Nominated by Máté Nászai

Junior Treasurer

Marton Price
Nominated by Bence Börcsök

Events and Publicity Officer

Márton Mester
Nominated by Rita Pencz

Róza Vőfély
Nominated by Bence Bánhalmi

Access Officer

Eszter Rónai
Nominated by Bence Börcsök

Manifestos 2013

I hope you’re all excited about the upcoming AGM (3rd March, 2.00 pm – join our Facebook event ) and elections! As the deadline for nominating people for the new committee has now passed, here’s the list of people running for positions:


Name: Gerald Makó
Nominated by: András Kapuvári
Download Gerald’s Manifesto

Publicity and Events Officer

Name: Bence Börcsök
Nominated by: Eszter Kiss
Download Bence’s Manifesto


Name: Bence Bánhalmi
Nominated by: András Kapuvári
Download Bence’s Manifesto

External Officer

Name: Eszter Kiss
Nominated by: Mester Marci
Download Eszter’s Manifesto

General Member

Name: György Bencskó
Nominated by: Máté Nászai
Download György’s Manifesto


Download in PDF

Constitution of the Cambridge University Hungarian Society

Note: Throughout these rules the meanings of the words “Society”, “Member” and
“Membership” will be assumed to be understood in the context of the Cambridge
University Hungarian Society.

I. Name and Introduction

• The Society shall be called the Cambridge University Hungarian Society (hereafter
referred to as the “”CUHS”).
• There shall be Standing Orders of the Society. Any provision of the Standing Orders
shall govern the Committee and the Society as if it were a provision of this
Constitution, save that if it conflicts with any provision of this Constitution, then it shall
be deemed void insofar as it does conflict.

II. Aims

• CUHS shall aim to promote the understanding of and interest in Hungarian culture
amongst all Members of the University of Cambridge, Cambridge, U.K. (hereafter
referred to as the “University”), and encourage the discussion of Hungarian culture
between all members of the University.

• The Society shall aim to encourage and support high school leavers in Hungary in
applying to the University.

III. Membership

• All Members of the University may join the Society as may others at the discretion of
the committee.

• By a majority decision of the Executive Committee, it may expel or suspend any
member for behaviour likely to bring the Society into disrepute, provided the member
concerned has had the right to be heard by the Executive Committee before the final
decision is made.

• The Executive Committee may require Members to pay a subscription fee.

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