Joint Statement by Cambridge University Student Societies: In Defence of Academic Freedom

In view of recent developments in Hungary, we feel the need to reiterate our commitment to defending bastions of academic freedom in Europe and beyond. We strongly condemn the proposed legislation targeting the Central European University (CEU) in Budapest, and the Hungarian Prime Minister’s false allegation levelled against the prestigious institution to the effect that it is “cheating”. CEU lawfully awards both Hungarian and U.S. degrees to students from over 100 countries, and its vibrant international community is part of what makes it a scholarly hub of world-class standing.

As fellow students and researchers of the University of Cambridge, we join the Cambridge University Hungarian Society in voicing our concern about the effect the proposed changes would have on the prospects of aspiring Hungarian scholars returning home. We also join the local East of England MEP, Alex Mayer, in expressing concern about the actions and rhetoric of Viktor Orbán’s Government, and their implications for current and future university ties between Cambridge and Hungary.

Finally, we would like to express solidarity with CEU students, faculty members and staff affected by the current political climate. We urge the Hungarian National Assembly to abandon the proposed legislation and to begin negotiations with the leadership of CEU, so as to ensure that the university is able to remain a viable contributor to scientific and humanistic discourse within Hungary as well as in the world at large.


Cambridge University Belgian Society
Cambridge University Dutch Society
Cambridge University Estonian Society
Cambridge University European Society
Cambridge University French Society
Cambridge University German Society
Cambridge University Hellenic Society
Cambridge University Hungarian Society
Cambridge University Italian Society
Cambridge University Lithuanian Society
Cambridge University Students from Luxembourg
Cambridge University Polish Society
Cambridge University Scandinavian Society
Cambridge University Scottish Society
Cambridge University Welsh Society – Cymdeithas Y Mabinogi

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