Manifestos 2018

Please find the manifestos of all candidates for the 2018 Committee elections below.

President & Vice-President

Dávid P. Kovács & András Volford
Proposed by Attila Szabó, seconded by Tamás Stenczel

Zsófia Belovai & Iván Merker
Proposed by Marcell Fekete, seconded by Péter Juhász


Soma Turi
Proposed by András Volford, seconded by Aletta Csapo

Junior Treasurer

Alexandra Souly
Proposed by Dávid P. Kovács, seconded by András Volford

Dávid Ágoston Farkas
Proposed by Dávid P. Kovács, seconded by Zsófia Belovai

Access Officer

Eszter Bencsik
Proposed by Iván Merker, seconded by Lili Ruzsiczky

Events Officers

Nóra Csitári & Tamás Stenczel
Proposed by Zsófia Belovai, seconded by Dávid P. Kovács