Manifestos 2013

I hope you’re all excited about the upcoming AGM (3rd March, 2.00 pm – join our Facebook event ) and elections! As the deadline for nominating people for the new committee has now passed, here’s the list of people running for positions:


Name: Gerald Makó
Nominated by: András Kapuvári
Download Gerald’s Manifesto

Publicity and Events Officer

Name: Bence Börcsök
Nominated by: Eszter Kiss
Download Bence’s Manifesto


Name: Bence Bánhalmi
Nominated by: András Kapuvári
Download Bence’s Manifesto

External Officer

Name: Eszter Kiss
Nominated by: Mester Marci
Download Eszter’s Manifesto

General Member

Name: György Bencskó
Nominated by: Máté Nászai
Download György’s Manifesto

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