Students’ Seminar

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Date(s) - 25/01/2018
19:30 - 21:00

St Catharine's College, Ramsden Room

Get excited for the inaugural CUHS Students’ Seminar!

The aim of these seminars is to showcase the academic work Hungarian students, both graduates and undergraduates, do at the University and to provide them with an opportunity to speak about their work to an interested non-specialist audience.

The two speakers of the first seminar are:
1) Áron Penczu: What film style – if any – is appropriate for speaking about the Holocaust?
2) István Farsang: Carbonate minerals in extreme environments: from stellar atmospheres to subduction zones


1) In this presentation I’ll discuss some ways filmmakers including Tim Blake Nelson, Steven Spielberg, and László Nemes, have answered that question, and what we can learn from their work. In doing so I hope to make a case for the legitimacy of a fundamentally formalist, close-grained stylistic analysis in film criticism.

2) Carbonate minerals can be found everywhere: near stars, in the shells of marine organisms, in caves and even in your own body! Being the largest CO2 greenhouse gas reservoir, their behavior strongly affects climate too. Join me on an exciting journey unraveling the formation and evolution mechanisms of carbonate minerals in extreme environments: in stellar atmospheres, on asteroids and in the deep Earth. Learn how sophisticated experiments involving techniques only available at particle accelerators help us understand the properties of these amazing minerals.