Brexit: the current situation – and what to do next

The Embassy of Hungary in London held a discussion evening with British officials where Tamas Stenczel and Sara Mandoki participated to get information regarding the implications of Brexit  from first hand. Please find attached the summary booklet with all the information currently accessible.

The UK will leave the EU on 29 March 2019 and will move to a transition period until 31 December 2020. If you arrived to the UK before the end of this period, you will be able to apply for staying here and can finish your studies in peace with fees and student loan as now. The application process will be simple and cheap (<£100). There is no need for you to do anything now, but it is advised to do the application as soon as possible after it will be open.


I hope you’re all excited about the upcoming AGM (3rd March, 2.30pm – join our Facebook event) and elections! As the deadline for nominating people for the new committee has now passed, here’s the list of people running for positions:


Name: Zsigmond Varga
Nominated by: Boaz Sobrado
Safety choice: External Officer
Download Zsigmond’s Manifesto

Name: Lajos Török
Nominated by: Daqian Wang
Safety choice: Junior Treasurer
Download Lajos’s Manifesto

Name: Balázs Török
Nominated by: Ádám Varga
Safety choice: External Officer
Download Balazs’s Manifesto (President)
Download Balazs’s Manifesto (External Officer)


Name: Boaz Sobrado
Nominated by: Zsigmond Varga
Download Boaz’s Manifesto

Junior Treasurer

Name: András Kapuvári
Nominated by: Alyona D Petrik
Download András’s Manifesto

External Officer

Name: Gergely Zs Rácz
Nominated by: Alyona D Petrik
Download Gergely’s Manifesto

Publicity and Events Officer

Name: Bence Börcsök
Nominated by: Máté Balogh
Download Bence’s Manifesto

General Members (two positions open)

Name: György Bencskó
Nominated by: Máté Nászai
Download Györgys’s Manifesto

Name: Daqian Wang
Nominated by: Alyona D Petrik
Download Qian’s Manifesto

Please come along this Saturday and vote! Although at the start of the AGM there’ll be a chance to sign up for society membership (and only members can vote in the elections – and also get a discount for the vodka party!), you can speed things up by signing up online for CUHS membership.