Welcome to the Cambridge University Hungarian Society!

The Cambridge University Hungarian Society (CUHS), aiming to promote the understanding of and interest in Hungary, Hungarians, and Hungarian culture amongst all Members of the University of Cambridge, was originally founded in 1957 after students arriving at the University fleeing the Hungarian Revolution of 1956 and its aftermath. The Society fell dormant, and was reestablished after the fall of the Berlin Wall, in 1994 parallel to a growing number of students. The Society fell dormant once again and exists in its current form refounded in December 2011, in line with the once again rising number of students due to Hungary’s accession to the European Union in 2004. The main objectives of the Society, apart from promoting the interest in Hungary, are to offer support and a social scene for Hungarian members of the University and other universities in the city of Cambridge, to encourage and support school leavers in Hungary in applying to the University and to represent and promote the interests of Hungarian students of the University and of all universities of the United Kingdom in Hungary and the United Kingdom. Our upcoming events serve as a great opportunity to share Hungarian culture, food and traditions with other members of the University; these involve speaker events and discussions, formal dinners and swaps, pub and film nights and much more! For more information about us and how you can get involved, please have a look around on our website, join our mailing list: soc-cuhs, like us on Facebook and join our Facebook group, or email our President at president (at) cuhs.co.uk.

Please find our Constitution here.

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